Lake Oconee Bassmasters Conservation


The Lake Oconee Bassmasters grow and plant water willow for conservation


The Lake Oconee Bassmasters from Eatonton, Georgia wanted to do a unique and long lasting conservation project. The club decided to grow and plant water willow in their home waters of Lake Oconee. Water willow is an aquatic plant that can grow from the shoreline out to about 5 feet deep. It is a great plant because it is a native non-invasive plant, it provides great shoreline cover for young and adult fish, and it can help prevent shoreline erosion, said Tony Beck the clubs conservation director. It is a fairly easy plant to grow because it can generate roots from the stem. The club took cuttings from some established plants in June and potted them in half gallon pots. The pots were placed in small pools filled with water so the plants would have constant moisture. Other than keeping the pools filled with water, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done to the plants.

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